Written Program Content

The Internationally Educated Physiotherapist (IEP) Exam Preparation program (IEPEP) has been designed to assist Internationally Educated Physiotherapists (IEPs) and Canadian-trained physiotherapists to prepare for, and successfully complete, the written and the practical components of the Canadian Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE).

Written Program

The written exam preparation program is a self-directed study program that takes place over a three month period.  Registrants do not need to reside in British Columbia in order to participate.  The program provides:

An Online Curriculum:
  • Five clinical modules with glossaries and study questions;
  • A discussion board for IEPs in each cohort;
  • An online ‘Resource List of Mentors’ who are available to help participants to practice skills and techniques in preparation for the QE;
  • An initial 40 Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Exam (available for the duration of the 3 month program);
  • A 55 MCQ Exam (available for the duration of the 3 month program);
  • Four MCQ Post Module Exams for the Neuromusculosketal, Neurological, Cardiopulmonary-vascular, and Multi-system modules.  Each exam is open for five set days;
  • An MCQ Exam Skills Module;
  • A link to 23 Virtual patient Cases (multi–media presentations of complex cases)

One Written Tutorial Workshop (conducted via teleconference by experienced tutors):
  • A one-and-a-half day Written Tutorial Workshop which takes place via teleconference.  This workshop includes: 3 x 3.5 hour sessions that cover Neuromusculoskeletal, Neurology, and Cardiopulmonary-vascular content.  Each session is led by an experienced tutor using MCQs and case studies to review key elements in the respective area of practice;

One 100+MCQ Exam & Program Capstone Workshop:
  • A Final 100+ MCQ Exam followed by a Capstone Workshop session facilitated by an experienced tutor via teleconference. The workshop will cover new virtual patient cases and multiple choice questions.